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Best replacement for failing HDD x230

My x230's hard drive started to fail last night, so I'm now rushing to replace it. I'm not up to speed on SATA vs. HDD issues and am now limited to exploring options on my phone, so I'm hoping to get advice here. 


A few questions ..


Should I be looking to replace the HDD with an mSATA drive? Where can I find a good review of the product options? Can a non-tech install a drive or should I plan on needing paid support for the installation? I bought my sims from Crucial way back when. Are they still a good option?


Thanks in advance!!! 



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Re: Best replacement for failing HDD x230

mSATA and SATA SSD HDDs will be just as good. There is no "speed limitiations" with either one. I own three X230s and they are all configured a little different. Some have 16GBs or ram, while other run 8GBS.


The mSATA will be a little more expensive than a SATA SSD, form factor and availability dictate this. On the X230 that I run mutliple spindles, it has to do with how I utilize data. One X230 has an mSATA and then a SATA SSD, while another has an mSATA and a regular HDD. 


For mSATA or SATA SSDs, try to stay away from "cheaper versions". You might see a crucial for $40, an EVO for $70 and the PRO for double what the EVO costs. THERE IS A REASON FOR THAT.


It comes down to endurance and CACHE (yes, an SSD needs CACHE). IMHO, best value for $$. Get the Samsung EVO!


Installation is not hard. Removing the memory is acomplished by opening the little door. Replacing the SATA HDD is just as simple. Remove the cover, pull the old drive, install the new drive. The mSATA is a little more involved. Keyboard, trim/top cover have to be removed. If you don't know what you are doing, it is easy to crack the top bezel. Once re-assembling, if you don't know what you are doing, you can pinch cables or crack plastic tabs. Look at the HMM (Hardware Maintenance Manual) for the X230. The mSATA will take the place of the WWAN.


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Re: Best replacement for failing HDD x230

@Draco, you're the bomb! Thank you so much!


Ordered the EVO for delivery tomorrow.  👍👍👍

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