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Biggest X300 SSD Drive?

Very happy with my X300....but looking for a larger SSD internal drive.  I'm wondering what the largest commercially available drive is, what is the price and some reliable source links.  64GB is getting small with XP and Windows 7 installed... :-)
Punch Card
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Re: Biggest X300 SSD Drive?

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I'm looking for the same thing as you - a larger SSD disk for my X300. I have personally not seen too many 1,8" SSD drives except the original IBM ones (it's samsung who produces them thought).

The largest I can find for the X300 is 43N3406 (ThinkPad 128GB Solid State Drive), and this ones cost around $1400+ excl. VAT here in Sweden... so it is very expensive. Hopefully there will be bigger, cheaper and faster ones coming up from third party manufactures soon.

43N3406 overview:

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