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Bleed spots on X1E

2019-06-15, 16:21 PM

Hi. I have a new X1E with the 4k display on which I noticed  some 'extra' bleed in the left corner and top middle. I'm aware that some bleed seems to be "normal" or "accepted" on IPS panels.  I find it interesting however that a HP Zbook G3 that I have here does not seem to have that issue. Note that the pictures are not what the human eye sees of course, the screen is not that ugly as on the pic. In fact it's pretty good and really black (more black than the HP) however, the X1E has the bleed mark in the left corner, and to a lesser extend, top middle which immediately draws attention in a dark environment and black background. The HP has more bleed in general but it's divided equally, there a no spots that are standing out.


That said I was hoping to get some feedback if a) this amount of bleed (and then I mean the spots marked in red on the pic) is really acceptable or not? and b) what are my chances getting a unit without bleed when I send it back and order it again? or can I have this repaired? I waited 2 weeks for this unit to arrive, so my guess is that sending it back, waiting for money, ordering again will take 1.5-2months.


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Re: Bleed spots on X1E

2019-06-17, 0:18 AM

From reviews that I've seen with this panel (on X1E and P1) the upper left and right corners seem to have bleed. On my P1, the bleed lessens as the panel warms up, but it is still discernible on a totally black background. You will likely not obtain a better panel.

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