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Punch Card
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Brand new X280: a few doubts

Hi All!

New X280 here, coming from a X260.

Build quality seems far superior, very thin.

It's a joy!

A few questions/doubts, though:


1. This laptop is advertised (as all X series models) as allowing 180 degree display opening. Yet being true, and since the laptop is thinner, and the rubber feet significantly smaller than the X260, I noticed that when opening it fully, there is a certain angle after which the display bottom edge touches the table top (which seems a design flaw, maybe rubber fett should be a little taller). Anyone noticed this? Not a big issue, as I always use the display on a "normal" degree.


2. received the laptop yesterday and I notice the battery life prediction on windows 10 is rrather low (around 4 hours). Coud this be any indeation process on Windows 10 ongoing, due to its recent install? Any toughts on this? I got around 13 hours at some point, but since then, it lowered substantially.


Thanks in advance


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Community SeniorMod
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Re: Brandnew X280: a few doubts



1) I see the same thing, but hadn't noticed.  It's not a mode I would use often - or ever...


2) Windows gets up to all kinds of stuff in the background after OOBE, install, or update.  You might keep task manager open (in "more detail" mode) on your desktop, and pay attention to CPU usage.


I just fired up my 280 and after settling down post-boot, it's showing around 9 hours remaining @ 95% battery.




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Punch Card
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Re: Brandnew X280: a few doubts

Thanks for your contribution Smiley Happy


1. So, on your X280 it happens just the same, regading the display lid rubbing a bit on tabletop, right? Again, not a big deal as I do not use the laptop in these extreme opening degrees, just checking it is not an issue affecting just my new X280 Smiley Happy


2. I will have to give windows  a bit more time to settle down.


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Re: Brandnew X280: a few doubts

It's not just the X280, my X1C6 and E485 both exhibit this behavior, and the E485 is a much thicker laptop.


IMO, without really tall feet or an external battery adding height, any "drop hinge" design is likely to have the same design quirk. It just is what it is. For me, at least the hinge can open up for the few times I do use it in such a manner.

Punch Card
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Re: Brand new X280: a few doubts

After two days battery life seems to be getting better. Around 13 hours.

I assume all pendind windows processes, inclunding SSD indexing sould be over by bow.

What I noticed also regarding ports:


When I connect the charger to USB-C port, I notice the USB-C plug does not get firmly attached, having quite some play. It is not related to the port itself, as when I connect on of my smartphones (Galaxy S9) USB-C cable it attaches quite firmly.

Also, the provided ethernet adapter also has not a quite firm attachment to the appropriate port.

Nevetheless,no connection issues at all, both USB-C connection (when chager is connected) and the ethernet dongle, keeps connected even if I wiggle the cable end near the ports (just a side note).

Serial Port
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Re: Brand new X280: a few doubts

Hi There,


Good to hear that you're getting around 13hrs of battery backup, what's your primary use of the laptop? I am curious because I am getting maximum of 3-4hrs of battery backup.




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