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Break in LCD frame X220

Hey first post here,

Currently going thru warranty issues with my 220. After about 8 months the top right of the screen started flexing when closing and opening it; right below the thinkpad logo where that finisher panel is. Sent it in last week and now am being told they won't cover it due to abuse. I have the basic warranty that came with the machine and they say it's not a manufacturing defect. Is this to be expected? I see people having cracks by the track pad but nothing on inner LCD frame. There's no damage on the outside and has never been dropped or out of my sight.


Anyone else have this happen? Really rather not get stuck with a $350 repair bill for opening and closing my laptop regularly. Little disconcerting our first lenovo purchases,as I type this on a aging viao that has stood up without a hitch for 4 or 5 years...

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Re: Break in LCD frame X220

Sorry, but the only time I've seen this breakage is when people pick the laptop up by the LCD screen rather than by base whick put all the stress on LCD cover.



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Re: Break in LCD frame X220

Is the plastic strip on your X220 loose?
Could you post some pictures of the defect please?

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Re: Break in LCD frame X220

This part of the notebook is very fragile. No need for abuse for it to break, you can search this forum to find a couple of similar reports. It's plain bad desigb by lenovo, do not blame users for that. On 10 x220 we bought (to replace IBM thinkpads that lived up to terrible abuse for 8 years mind you.), 2 broke at that place.

And all of them have flexes so much what now we lift the lid by its side by fear of breakage.



I took 10 seconds to find that thread in particular where several reports exists:


The whole bezel/top/lid assembly/lcd part of the x220 is its weakest point. Sun can damage it as well as regular soft usage.


Westby, I had similar situations with lenovo warranty service. One time their onsite tech cracked the case themselves and lenovo still refused to cover it.


My suggestions for you is to repair it yourself if you are confortable doing it. Either with an diy solution or by buying replacement parts either used or new. Each could be good options, depending on what part broke.


I wish you good luck.


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