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Paper Tape
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Bright white spot on display

I have a 2014 era Lenovo X1 Carbon (20A7 -- not sure if it's 2nd or 3rd generation -- it's the one with the touchbar along the top of the keyboard)

I get a number of bright white spots on my display. I had the screen replaced and this fixed the problem, but only temporarily. The spots came back exactly as before.


Today, the IBM tech came in to fix the touchpad and I had him look at the display a second time. He removed the screen from the laptop lid to see if something was pressing against the display -- which would explain why two different displays would exhibit the same problem over time.


Behind the screen is what looks to be an antenna that runs diagonally from about an inch down from upper left to the lower right corner. Sure enough, the white spots are appearing along this diagonal. When I run my finger across the antenna, I felt it was a bit lumpy in the area of the white spots with some speck of debris exactly behind where the brightest spot is. This makes me wonder if the irregularity in the antenna installation, as subtle as it is, is causing the backlight to become damaged over time.

Lenovo seem inclined to just replace the display, but this doesn't seem to be the complete remedy. The mis-installation of the antenna in the backlid is the root cause of the problem

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Re: Bright white spot on display

That's 2nd gen.  The screens are very thin and can flex a little.  If you open the lid from one corner, it might flex the lid enough to press it against the antenna wire.  Try opening from the middle, or better yet, use 2 hands.


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Re: Bright white spot on display

In my own experience this seems to affect IPS displays at least since the X220 which I had its screen replaced twice back in the day. Colleagues had their replaced also and you can see similar reports in this very forum going back years.


I also have one white spot on 2nd gen X1 as well as 2 (so far!) on 4th gen X1 that I've learned to live with (again so far). There weren't any on 3rd gen I had.


I have not seen them on touch-screen versions (Yoga) and similar competitor designs (e.g. XPS) where the glass panel/digitiser may give additional strength and less pressure damage (assuming you don't poke the touch screen).

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