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Paper Tape
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Bright white spots on screen.

I purchased 2 x230t's last October.  one of them now has two small white bright spots on the screen.  I am wondering if this is covered under the warranty that I purchased along with them, and if this is something that can be handled by the onsite tech support.




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Re: Bright white spots on screen.

That depends, sometimes Lenovo service will classify this damage as user induced, in which case you will be charged. But this problem is quite common.

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Re: Bright white spots on screen.

All my discussions assume you will repair it if it is under warranty, and you will live with it if it costs money to repair. The decision as to whether the damage is user-caused is subjective and not clear cut. There are 3 obvious choices: Send to the depot, get onsite repair, or take it into a Lenovo Premier Dealer and show it to someone. If you send it to the depot, the initial decision is made by the guy who will do the work. If he decides it is a warranty repair, it is more work for him. If an onsite guy comes out, he looks at the machine. Again, if he decides it is a warranty repair, it is more work for him. He gets paid for the call in any case. If you take it to a dealer, he only gets paid for the repair if it is a warranty job. I always choose the third option if I am in that situation.


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Re: Bright white spots on screen.

well in india, if the ticket is released by the contact center, the engineer from authorized service partner would be onsite with a replacement LCD... I've seen many of similar cases being replaced as the onsite engineer does not have much knowledge and is not certified by lenovo espically on the kam accounts.....

Punch Card
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Re: Bright white spots on screen.

The bright white spots are caused by something in the LCD breaking and letting out more light than the surrounding pixels.  Stressing the LCD in some way causes it to break.  I had the same problem on a brand new system that was delivered to me. Lenovo almost didn't fix it under warrantee because I waited a few weeks to report the issue.  In your case I think they will refuse to service it as a warrantee issue since your system developed the problem after delivery, and they will claim it is because of user damage.  It's an expensive repair to pay yourself unfortunately.  I personally think Lenovo should reinforce this area better, but everything is a tradeoff and I'm sure they're doing it partly to keep the weight down.

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