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Registered: ‎09-15-2009
Location: Switzerland
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Bug in display driver drives me nuts!

[ Edited ]

At home I am using my X201t with a large external screen. What really starts driving me nuts lately is, that about every other day, when I wake my a laptop from sleep, it won't reckonize the external screen any more.

I can unplug and replug the screen's video cable, switch it off and on again, switch to external "projector" using Fn-F7, send the computer to sleep and wake it up again, no way! It refuses to reckognize the external screen! What's especially infuriating is, that while doing so it always switches very shortly to the external screen (i.e. the desktop gets shown and the icons get re-arranged for the large screen) but only seconds later the external screen goes dark again. The only way so far, was always to reboot but this gets really annoying!


Is there a way to restart just the display driver? This is of course touchy, since it would have to stop and restart without any prompt or so, since one would not be able to see and react to it without seeing it.


The display is connected via DisplayPort to the docking station, the driver is Intel HD Graphics, driver date: 21.05.2011, driver version: and the Lenovo driver update utility doesn't report any newer version.