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Bus Issues on ThinkPad X230 with A4Tech Cyrillic (Russian) keyboard

I have recently encountered two bus issues on my recently acquired old-ish second-hand ThinkPad X230 [2325SWK build with a G2ET91WW (2.51) BIOS], accompanied by a ThinkPad UltraBase Series 3 docking station [P/N 0B67692].

My research requires me to use a Cyrillic (Russian) keyboard and fairly recently I acquired a nice keyboard with a small footprint in Saint Petersburg.  It is manufactured in China by A4Tech ( [Model KV-300H].

When I initially plugged the keyboard in, it worked perfectly. However, after a short number of pluggings and unpluggings,  an error message appeared: "USB device not recognized. The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it."  More detail on the error appeared in item 1, below.



1  Unknown USB Device (Invalid Device Descriptor)
    Error msg:   'Location: Port_#0003.Hub_#0004
                          Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)
                          The USB device returned an invalid USB device descriptor.
                          Driver File Details C:\WINDOWS\system\DRIVERS\edevmon.sys'

    The system searched automatically for software online -- but didn't find the driver within 5 mins, at which time I

    cancelled the process.
    The keyboard manufacturer says that no driver is required.


2  IWD Bus Enumerator has a driver problem.
    Error msg: 'There is a problem with the driver for IWD Bus Enumerator. The driver needs to be reinstalled.

                         Name: IWD Bus Enumerator
                         ID: ROOT\SYSTEM\0004
                         Error code: 31'

     This came up as a result of reviewing problem 1, above.


I'd be grateful for any help, especially on problem 1. My location is Australia.


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