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Can't boot NVMe without USB on X1 Carbon Gen4

I have a X1 Carbon Gen4


1. Installed new Samsung 950 pro 512gb nvme hard drive

2. setup bootable usb (2.0) stick with win7, added NVMe and USB3 drivers

3. Tried to boot but it would not boot, no matter if I selected legacy or UEFI or both

4. Added UEFI to usb

5. Wouldnt boot with bios set to UEFI but now it would boot with both and legacy first option, strange

6. Go into windows, loaded the NVMe driver but shift+F10 wouldnt work

7. managed to get the command prompt via recovery.  copied install files and setup booting

8. Drive would not boot.

9. Inserted USB, now win7 install worked fine so I just wiped the partition and installed windows

10. On reboot, windows wouldn't boot.  It goes to the boot menu.  If I select NVMe, it just goes back to the boot menu.


In the BIOS, the boot menu has "NVMe0: <null string>"


I've tried resetting bios to defaults, no difference


I tried booting to my USB win7 install and running the repair, but that made no difference.


The only way I can get windows to boot is if I insert a USB stick (even an empty drive).  Then it boots fine.  (USB HDD must be enabled in the boot menu though.)  I've never seen anything like this before and have run out of ideas.


I'm thinking that the BIOS isnt seeing the NVME correctly.  I'm guessing it may have something to do with UEFI.  I could not get the USB stick to boot with UEFI or Legacy initailly.  Then when I added the UEFI file to the USB, it would boot but only with LEGACY.  Right now the HD only boots with LEGACY as well.

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