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Re: Can we now install mSATA SSDs in our US X230s without voiding the warranty?

@labrekk wrote:

What the hell?  As I bought a Crucial 256GB mSATA SSD and installed it myself (which was quite easy) on my brand new X230T, that means that I have wasted my warranty and I'm SOL if there is something that breaks in the next 2 years?  Good job, Lenovo...With this and what I read on their customer service, this X230T will most likely be my first and last Lenovo computer...



In the US, by law, no manufacturer can void a warranty that easily. What they can do, is refuse warranty service on a failure if they reasonably believe that the mod cause, or contributed to, the failure.

In this case, it is really immaterial if the palmrest is a CRU or an FRU - if your mod breaks something then you pay for the repair. If your mod did not cause the failure then they cannot refuse warranty service.


That's the law and reality is a bit more difficult as you may need to go to court if a manufacturer improperly refuses warranty service. The US Govt isn't going to come riding out on a white horse to save you.


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Re: Can we now install mSATA SSDs in our US X230s without voiding the warranty?

Hello labrekk,


Whether or not it did, or did not create a warranty woe, I can not say.  This is something that, if you did have a full question, I would call the Lenovo Support of your area and ask.


But yes in this case, wireless cards and mSATA drives are FRU's (non-CRU).  


Hope this helps,



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