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Paper Tape
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Carbon Fiber Health Considerations



Since X series ThinkPads and some parts of other ThinkPad series are made of carbon fiber I would like to know your opinion regarding health considerations of carbon fibre. When carbon fibre gets scratched (which is often the case with many laptops, especially if used for many years like ThinkPads are used), broken or burned the micro fibres can stick into human skin, eyes or get inhalated together with other dust in the air and cause skin, throat or lung irritation (see this link for more information:


Can you please provide information how this has been remedied and how the possibility of this happening in the practice has been reduced?


Thank you for your answer,


Blue Screen Again
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Re: Carbon Fiber Health Considerations

The laptop itself is not made of carbon fiber. That would be silly. It's just the roll cage that uses the fiber (i.e. the internal "skeletal chassis" into which components are inserted). The rest is made of other materials, so you're never touching carbon fiber during everyday use as far as I know.

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