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Carbon X1 3rd gen - Unauthorized network card (0BDB/100E)

My thinkpad fails at BOOT and throws the following error:


1802: Unauthorized network card is plugged in - Power off and remove the betwork card (0BDB/100E). System is halted.


I have not added or changed any hardware components. The error has been appearing for a long period of time now. But i was always able to power cycle a couple of times and it would start up.


Now after a hundred of power cycles it isn't starting up anymore and is bricked by this error screen.


Please help!!!

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Re: Carbon X1 3rd gen - Unauthorized network card (0BDB/100E)

This error with specified wwan card IDs might be caused by hardware problem. These IDs belong to Ericsson modem' generic flash device on USB bus. Usually this virtual device (actually it's a port for the modem' firmware loading) appears at the laptop POST and modem initialization stage / routine when some hw issue persists, related to the modem broken firmware or its interaction with BIOS/EC isn't proper etc.

As a temporary troubleshooting you might remove the modem from the laptop for some time (firstly, disable internal battery pack in the BIOS Setup and unplug the AC charger). Then reinsert the modem and boot. But most likely the trouble will appear again after laptop soft reboot, for example.

If the laptop will be able to boot with modem, check out its firmware version and update it if it's necessary. This might help to resolve the issue.

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