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Fanfold Paper
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Carbon X1 6th generation and Thunderbolt 3 dock issues

I just got a new Carbon X1 6th generation (20KG). 


I started using this with my Thunderbolt 3 dock (40AC), that I successfully used with my previous Carbon X1 5th Generation.


There seems to be some compatibility issues here. After using it with the docking a while (apprx. 1 hour), the X1 suddenly started to continuously disconnect/reconnect from the dock (each 2-3 seconds), before it permanently was disconnected from the docking and would not connect at all. 


When I disconnected the X1 from the dock and restarted (without connecting to dock) the X1 Thunderbolt software and devices/drivers related to that on the X1 "went crazy" and appeared/disappeared from the device manager continuously (each 2-3 seconds). I needed to enter bios and temporarily disable internal battery for it to normalize again. If I then connected to dock, the same would happen after some time.


I've updated Thunderbolt software, drivers, firmware and also Thunderbolt 3 dock firmware and drivers, so no more to do there.


I have not verified it completely yet, but it might be that the disconnect/crazy_stuff happens when the battery charge of the X1 reaches 100%. I once connected the X1 to the dock when the charge was 97% and it was stable then (the X1 does not charge on AC when the battery is > 95%). If this is the reason, one solution might then be to use Lenovo Vantage to set max charge to e.g. 97%, but I think this is a poor solution.


Some questions:


1. Is this generation of the Thunderbolt 3 dock not compatible with 6th Gen X1 Carbon? It does not say on the Lenovo pages that it is compatible with Gen 6 - but the pages might be outdated?

2. Anyone else that has experienced something similar? Some solution?

3. If I were to purchase a new dock to avoid the issue, which would you recommend? I need 2x DP, Ethernet, USB and USB-C. I see on the latest generation of Thunderbolt 3 dock that it does not list Carbon X1 Gen 6 as compatible - only the Yoga ones.


Would one of these work:


Paper Tape
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Re: Carbon X1 6th generation and Thunderbolt 3 dock issues

Hi steinrr

I have very similar problem with new X1G5 connected via Caldigit TS3plus dock. The TS3 plus is 3 weeks old and worked fine with Dell XPS13. Got the X1G5 5 days ago and....a world of pain.

Laptop screen or exernal monitor flickering on/off randomly...sometimes synchonised, sometimes not. One screeen flickering...then the other. Unusable!

This only appear to be happening when the battery charge is getting to ~99% or above. Unplug the dock and let the battery run down and then reconect and all is fine until battery gets to >~99% again. I've spent a LOT of time over the past few days talking with Caldigit and then Lenovo tech support. I'm sure the problem is the laptop or the Intel Thunderbolt 3 (and not the dock) but my chemistry is much better than my IT knowledge so I'm still in the hands of tech support. I can't help you...but perhaps it helps to know I'm feeling your pain too?

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