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Carbon X1 6th generation and Thunderbolt 3 dock issues

2019-03-10, 16:21 PM

I just got a new Carbon X1 6th generation (20KG). 


I started using this with my Thunderbolt 3 dock (40AC), that I successfully used with my previous Carbon X1 5th Generation.


There seems to be some compatibility issues here. After using it with the docking a while (apprx. 1 hour), the X1 suddenly started to continuously disconnect/reconnect from the dock (each 2-3 seconds), before it permanently was disconnected from the docking and would not connect at all. 


When I disconnected the X1 from the dock and restarted (without connecting to dock) the X1 Thunderbolt software and devices/drivers related to that on the X1 "went crazy" and appeared/disappeared from the device manager continuously (each 2-3 seconds). I needed to enter bios and temporarily disable internal battery for it to normalize again. If I then connected to dock, the same would happen after some time.


I've updated Thunderbolt software, drivers, firmware and also Thunderbolt 3 dock firmware and drivers, so no more to do there.


I have not verified it completely yet, but it might be that the disconnect/crazy_stuff happens when the battery charge of the X1 reaches 100%. I once connected the X1 to the dock when the charge was 97% and it was stable then (the X1 does not charge on AC when the battery is > 95%). If this is the reason, one solution might then be to use Lenovo Vantage to set max charge to e.g. 97%, but I think this is a poor solution.


Some questions:


1. Is this generation of the Thunderbolt 3 dock not compatible with 6th Gen X1 Carbon? It does not say on the Lenovo pages that it is compatible with Gen 6 - but the pages might be outdated?

2. Anyone else that has experienced something similar? Some solution?

3. If I were to purchase a new dock to avoid the issue, which would you recommend? I need 2x DP, Ethernet, USB and USB-C. I see on the latest generation of Thunderbolt 3 dock that it does not list Carbon X1 Gen 6 as compatible - only the Yoga ones.


Would one of these work:







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Re: Carbon X1 6th generation and Thunderbolt 3 dock issues

2019-03-11, 12:37 PM

Hi steinrr

I have very similar problem with new X1G5 connected via Caldigit TS3plus dock. The TS3 plus is 3 weeks old and worked fine with Dell XPS13. Got the X1G5 5 days ago and....a world of pain.

Laptop screen or exernal monitor flickering on/off randomly...sometimes synchonised, sometimes not. One screeen flickering...then the other. Unusable!

This only appear to be happening when the battery charge is getting to ~99% or above. Unplug the dock and let the battery run down and then reconect and all is fine until battery gets to >~99% again. I've spent a LOT of time over the past few days talking with Caldigit and then Lenovo tech support. I'm sure the problem is the laptop or the Intel Thunderbolt 3 (and not the dock) but my chemistry is much better than my IT knowledge so I'm still in the hands of tech support. I can't help you...but perhaps it helps to know I'm feeling your pain too?


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Re: Carbon X1 6th generation and Thunderbolt 3 dock issues

2019-05-14, 7:29 AM

I have exactly the same issue with my Carbon X1 and the TB Dockingstation.


Would like to see a solution here from Lenovo! For a device of such a price this is a no go for me!!!


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Re: Carbon X1 6th generation and Thunderbolt 3 dock issues

2019-05-14, 16:19 PM

Same issue here.  I have been scouring the net for info and have found ALOT of people with exactly the same issue.  however, not one of the proposed solutions have assisted me in any way.  i really feel taht Lenovo should step up to the plate and issue a "once off" solution for this.


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