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Carbon X1 - Which SSD drive? PCIe-NVMe OPAL2.0 or SATA3

Hi All,

I'm about to purchase an X1 Carbon. A long time Lenovo user and a big fan.

I have read conflicting articles regarding which hard drive may be the best option (with best referring to speed!). Some people have said that the PCIe-NVMe can run excruciatingly hot and actually bottleneck the whole computer whilst others have said it's blisteringly fast and makes a huge difference.

I'm keen to know if:

1) It makes any noticable difference to speed compared to the SATA?
2) If any of you have had any heat issues with it?
3) If, in your opinion, it is worth the extra money?

My use case for the laptop will be heavy data analysis in Excel and SpotFire (sometimes Access) as well as playing the occasional game. I'm opting to go for the highest end X1 Carbon (i7-6600U and 16GB of Ram) so weighing on my mind is the benefit of the PCIe-NVMe.

Thanks in advance.

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