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This video shows how to configure external displays using Windows built in settings.   Learn how to duplicate or extend displays, change physical orientation, and adjust resolution.


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I have thinkPad X201, when I connect this with my Dell external LCD and set my external LCD resolution to its recommended value, the screen gets shrink and becomes smaller on external LCD and during the work I have to scroll (up,down,left,right)again and again to see the hidden things not appearing on the screen. Its so irritating and hectic while working. Is there any solution to get rid of this problem. I hope to hear from your side soon. 






I have problem with detecting external display


When I first bought Thinkpad X1 yoga, can connect to external display LG with no problem.


Suddenly one day, it cannot detect the monitor anymore.  The LG monitor is working fine with other desktop so it is not the monitor problem



Somebody teach me to try "window + P" it works!!!  Then, I disconnect the power, then this trick does not work anymore.


I have a Sony vaio, it has same problem suddenly too.  The "window key + P" works too and no problem so far.  


Please advice.


... I use hdmi to hdmi...maybe I should try hdmi to mini display port (as shown in video)...???  But why???  It worked before...