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Cooling my X1 Carbon connected to an eGPU while playing games?

I have the 6th X1 Carbon. When connected to an eGPU, I think my CPU temps are too high. (85-91 C when playing games for short durations.)

I am thinking about buying a laptop cooler, but I'm not sure what would be better.

My two choices are:

1. the traditional cooling pad. These will have fans running on the bottom of the laptops


2. laptop fan coolers such as Laptop Fan Cooler. These connect to the laptop's side vents, which the Thinkpad models, like my X1 Carbon has. 

I wonder if anyone has tried either types of cooling and which one would probably have a better result in cooling down my laptop.



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Re: Cooling my X1 Carbon connected to an eGPU while playing games?



I would suggest a vertical stand for the Carbon.


Have been using eGPUs for a long time now ith many diferent machines.


Currently, I have been using it with an X1 6th gen for about two months. The temps you indicate are about average for most honestly. Especially if the game utilizes all cores. The lowest temps I have seen are in the mid to high 70's.


I would make sure your NOT making any adjustments via throttlestop or intel XTU. The only one that would be completely save would be a core voltage offset to lower temps. The X1 will take any turboboost adjustmens made and peg the CPU hard pushing it harder than needed.


The stand should drop 7-10 of your temps.

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