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Design Size Dimension considerations for a near future X series Thinkpad

Take a Thinkpad X200 with trackpoint, thinklight and resize into the dimensions of an Ideapad U10 11" size, 10" or 9" size widescreen.  Design it to be fast, powerful, ultra-long lasting batteries, able to open it fully in any coach class airline seat for a Pacific and Trans-Atlantic flight.  I find that I cannot open the X series Thinkpad X31 fully in a coach seat with the seat in front reclined.  The Thinkpad needs to be small enough to be fully opened while the seat in front fully reclined and I am still able to use the laptop weather on a coach seat of a bus, train, or plane on the tray table, not overheat or feel the bottom or palm rest area to be very warm.  Don't need the Touchpad, but I really want the keyboard and trackpoint to stay with the fingerprint reader, Intel's latest Montevina, rollcage, RJ11, RJ45 port, bluetooth, Wi-Max, 802.11n, eSata, OLED, SSD option, XP Pro option, 3 USB 2.0 ports, HDMI port, in the familiar matt black finish.  And keep the price under US one thousand dollars in order to sell alot of market share.  Need to still make it shorter when opened.
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Re: Design Size Dimension considerations for a near future X series Thinkpad

That is awfully lot of ports to fit in a dimension you are specifying, Txxx series are having problems fitting these ports you are mentioning. In addition powerful and ultralong lasting batteries, means a very big battery. Rollcages??? The small size of X series rules much of the benefits of a roll cage, the role of the roll cage in the larger laptops is to stop the whole laptop flexing when it is open (thus preventing long term damages to the motherboards). The X series having an magnesium casing is enough to prevent the flexing whether it is closed or open.


Technology do get cheap over time, but i don't think Lenovo can currently manage to produce something of your specification without having to cut corners (not something we want).

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