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Disable Bitlocker? Thinkpad crashed; cannot perform system restore -- bitlocker key but no password

Am super frustrated and would appreciate any help.   ThinkPad X1 6th Gen has been dead more than a week; 


OS crashed, but several reboot and repair efforts failed.  Tried system restore.  That required a bitlocker key (which I found online) but then the machine would not accept my account password.  So unable to restore.   


Multiple calls with Thinkpad warranty support (hardware and software) could provide no help or guidance.  (Except to send restoration media.)  Mind-boggling lack of support... and no way to escalate issue to someone who actually understood it.  Deeply disappointing experience w/ Lenovo. .


So now the question is how -- after I reset my system -- do I avoid this nonsense in the future?   I shouldn't have to rebuild my laptop from scratch anytime there is an OS problem. 


BTW, I did not order bitlocker, set up bitlocker or create any password for it.  Do not need it or want it.   


Can anyone help with advice on how to set up my machine without it?





Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Disable Bitlocker? Thinkpad crashed; cannot perform system restore -- bitlocker key but no pass

Sorry for this trouble and the frustration that it caused. 


On ThinkPads like X1 Carbon 6th, Windows 10 enables BitLocker by default whenever you use a Microsoft account.  You can turn this off in Settings -> Update & Security -> Device Encryption. 


As for why your machine would not accept your account password, this could happen if you recently changed your password, System Restore may have restored to a point before that.  Another possibility is that the Windows files where the password hashes are stored, somehow got corrupted.


When you said that the OS crashed, what happened to lead to that?

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