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Blue Screen Again
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Disable automatic pass through Windows Hello with Hard Disk BIOS password

Hello everyone.

I am currently scanning my fingerprint at boot-up which is then passing through my HDD bios password and automatically through my Windows Hello logon. All with 1 fingerprint swipe at boot-up. I would like to know can i choose to block the automatic pass through the Windows Hello logon after that 1 single swipe ? Is that possible ?

Considering that i set up my IR camera at the same time to unlock my computer i would prefer to have 2X verification instead of just having Windows Hello skipped after the fingerprint authentification in the Bios. 


Why I am asking that ? Well, simply to avoid having the need to survey my computer at the job after the boot. Considering that i have some services and Hyper-v machines which can take time to start and which i do not want to wait, i would like to boot up my computer to lock screen and leave it to finalize loading "locked !" while i am away. This 1 single swipe config is just making me slave of the booting of my laptop each time i turn it on.


Thank you in advance.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Disable automatic pass through Windows Hello with Hard Disk BIOS password

I never knew you can finger swipe at boot-up screen, must be soooo cool! Maybe you can create a .bat file to logoff, then add it to startup.

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