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Display turns red on X1C6 with Windows 10 1903

After 1903, display always turn RED !!! Contacted Lenovo Tech Support in Singapore, they said i enabled "Night Light", seriously ?!?!


I removed Lenovo Vantage and reboot, tada - SOLVED !!!





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Re: Display turns red on X1C6 with Windows 10 1903

UPDATE 2019/5/28:


Another easier way is to reset the "Eye Care Mode" setting in Vantage, you do not need to uninstall.


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Re: Display turns red on X1C6 with Windows 10 1903 and also on T440s and Probably other Thinkpads

I experienced the same problem of screen turning redish orange after booting up on my T440s running Windows 10 1903. At first I thought the backlight was going out or display inverter was going out. I swapped out the hard drive and tested with an original Windows 7 image. It ran all day without issue. It was at that point that I thought my Windows 10 was messed up. The minute I disabled the Display Dirver in Device Manager the problem instantly fixed itself, but upon reboot the driver got reinstalle automatically and the red tint problem returned. I thought I was going to need to format and reload Windows, reinstall programs and restore data and I fretted doing that work for nothing. I searched the Internet and I did not stumble on this thread with the solution inside of Lenovo Vantage app. After exhasuting every option in Windows regarding the display I then got the idea to look inside of Lenovo Vantage and that is where I found the problem with Eye Care Mode defaulting to 1200K! Unbelievable how that little setting was causing me so much aggravation. The worst part was that I had to do all this troubleshooting while struggling to see with such a poor visibility and everything so dark and orange red. I did do some searching on a different computer but that yeilded nothing. I hope that this write-up enables and seeds search engines so that they may more easily find this solution than what I went through.


SOLUTION (already mentioned above)

- Lenovo Vantage

- Hardware Settings / Audio-Visual

- Eye Care Mode, slide color temperature up from 1200K to at least 5000K or in my case all the way up to 6500K.


* This problem happens even when Eye Care Mode is set to OFF. You MUST slide the color temperature to the desired level.


To Lenovo:

Why did you even enable this Eye Care Mode to go down so low to 1200K? I can't see anyone ever needing that setting. And why would you ever default to that level? I wonder how many people are ditching their perfectly good computers thinking that the backlight or some other hardware problem has occured?



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