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Lenovo Staff
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I have had the X200 for a while. Originally its windows 7 was set to 60hz, 32 million colors, and all the animation available on, with the highest resolution available. 


I searched for a way to make the machine a bit faster, so I reduced all the above to a minimum, i.e. 50hz, 16 million colors, no animations and 1024x768.


In spite of the skin now looking prehistoric, I can see no change performance-wise. Worse, the laptop now seems rather sluggish. 

Before I revert to the previous changes, I would like to make sure: is it really that these tweaks do not improve performance? 




The difference, if any, would be minimal with color depth or refresh rate. LCD screens always run at the same resolution. If your screen does 1280X800, it means there is a matrix of points that size. It is not like a CRT at all.



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