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Does the 3rd Generation X1 Carbon Have A Dust Discharge Plate?

Hello all, I have a question regarding the advertised thinkpad video on youtube. I have a thinkpad x1 Carbon (3rd generation) and I am not sure if this model has this dust discharge plate feature installed. Can anyone chime in and let me know? I am just worried if I use it on a flat surface that is cloth such as table top or on the bed I should be worried about dust accumulation. Granted the fan does not even spin up that often for me as I do light work (reading pdfs, word docs) but it would make me more comfortable knowing that there is a dust discharge plate to reduce the amount of dust accumulating inside the laptop. Thank you in advance for any answers!
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Re: Does the 3rd Generation X1 Carbon Have A Dust Discharge Plate?

what guy in video is referring too is probably the filter layer that is glued/heated onto back cover from inside that is the dust discharge plate it prevent's most of dust from being sucked into laptop so it get's less dust inside than what most laptops that does not have one will get more dust inside.


P.s correct me if i got this all wrong.


Also if that is it then yes lenovo x1 carbon 3rd gen has one Smiley Happy.

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