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Blue Screen Again
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Does the M.2 SSD port on thinkpad X280 support both SATA and pice-NVMe



I am planing to buy a thinkpad X280 with the cheapest storage selection, and then upgrade SSD myself.

The cheapest storage option for X280 is 128GB SSD SATA.

Will I be able to upgrade SSD by simply replacing it with a larger and faster SSD? For example 1TB SSD PCIe-NVME?


In my understanding that M.2 SATA and M.2 PCIe-NVME are different:

M.2 SATA connects to SATA bus and using AHCI standard.

M.2 PCIe-NVME connects to PICe bus and using NVME standard. This can get much faster speed than M.2 SATA SSD.


So, it seems that if I buy X280 with 128GB SSD SATA selection, I may not be able to upgrade it to any PCIe-NVME SSD.

Please, can someone confirm this?




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