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External monitor randomly disabled

I just got an X200 a few weeks ago and am loving it.  Using Vista Business 64-bit and dealing with a few compatibility issues but for the most part nothing major.  However, a week ago or my 22" Samsung SyncMaster 220wm just went blank while I was in the middle of using the notebook.  Nothing was on the monitor except for the part of the "spanned" desktop at the time, and after a few hours it started working again.  If I remember it right, a pop-up from the Intel GPU software came on and asked if I wanted it to span or mirror.


Today after coming back home and waking my notebook out of sleep mode, the monitor refuses to go active again.  I've rebooted, done a full shut down, unplugged, tried powering it on in various steps of the boot process... and nothing.  Tech Support insists that I'm overtaxing the CPU or GPU and to take it into a service provider, but I'm thinking there has to be another fix.  


I'm connecting this monitor via DVI cable to the Displayport on my X200 UltraBase using a Lenovo-made adapter for that very purpose.  I've also tried hitting Fn-F7, but the notebook doesn't detect the monitor there, and neither does the Device Manager application in Windows. 


I really don't know what else to do, and the way it works 99% of the time makes me think that it's a settings issue more than a hardware issue.  I'm mainly posting here in hopes that someone else has run across this problem and knows a way to fix it.


Thanks in advance for any assistance!



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