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Paper Tape
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F1 and F12 don't function at boot time

I am an new user of a Lenovo X1 carbon.  Unit has 8G ram and 256G SSD with Window 8 64bit install.


I have found the traditional F1 (bios setup) F12 (boot menu) to not function at bootup time.


From within the windows 8 environment I have found a menu from PC settings (charm thingy menu) that allows me to restart and enables me to press Enter key for a menu that gives access to F1, recovery etc, F12.


 I have disabled secure boot and such.


Is there another way to enable access these function at boot time rather that having to boot the Window OS.


UEFI BIOS G6ET66WW (2.10)  2012-11-20

embedded controller G6HT20WW



Yep I am new to the Lenovo X1 carbon world. 


Any help greatly appreciated.



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Re: F1 and F12 don't function at boot time

Try the "Enter" key at bootup.
Paper Tape
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Re: F1 and F12 don't function at boot time

In reading similar posts was able to try and test the following:


There is some relationship between the functionality of the F1....F12 on this system and the state of the "enable rapid start technology"  from the power menu.


On this Windown 8 64 bit system....................


This little gem is under the section about "define what happens when you press the power button.  You need to click the enable the disable function of this screen by clicking the shield at the top.  Then scroll down to the botton and uncheck "enable rapid start technology".  After you have done this you will be able to hit the "enter key" at bootup and interact with another menu that allows selection of setup, boot menu, etc.


I have enable and disable this power setting (in the OS) and find it correlates with the functionality of the "enter key" options at boot time.   Interestingly I have found that disabling the function in the "BIOS" had no effect on this problem.


I don't know if this related to the true power status of the machine or some new complexities of the UEFI BIOS-like function I don't understand.


Please feel free to explain this more completely if you can, as I am just guessing.


Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: F1 and F12 don't function at boot time

Hi  Gardener21,


My understanding of the situation is this:  default shutdown behavior for a Windows 8 machine is a kind of hibernation, not a true full shutdown.


In the hibernated state it isn't safe to allow BIOS changes or booting from another device.  This migh cause the hardware or filesystem state to be different the next time the machine resumes from hibernation - with possibly bad results.


Turning off rapid start causes the machine to use a traditional full shutdown and allows access to boot options.  You'll probably see slower boot times.


At least - that's my current understanding Smiley Happy


[edit] Experimenting with a Twist: selecting restart I get a prompt to hit enter even with rapid start enabled.  It's only on startup after a (hibernating) shutdown that I don't see the enter prompt during restart.



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What's DOS?
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Re: F1 and F12 don't function at boot time

I just bought a 3rd Gen Lenovo X1 Carbon and using restart rather than shut down and then power back on gave me also the option to press Enter to get into BIOS. You press enter, then F1 for BIOS updates or another option for the other available options. Thanks!

What's DOS?
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Re: F1 and F12 don't function at boot time

Perfect! After a frustrating morning of playing "phone tag" with support, your solution worked perfectly.


Thank you,



Punch Card
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Re: F1 and F12 don't function at boot time

On my X1 Carbon, the hard disk has a fault.

On start up, I get to the padlock sytem password prompt.  I enter the password, and I then get on start up I get "Preparing automatic repair", which then changes to "Diagnosing your PC", and then "Repairing disk errors. This might take over an hour to complete", which then stays on screen for a few minutes and then the cycle starts again, as before.    So I can not access anything in Windows at all. I therefore wish to boot from a USB drive.  To do this I need to enter some kind of bios menu, so that the boot process starts from USB.

When I switch on, I get "Lenovo" on the screen and the instruction "To interrupt normal start up, press Enter".  It goes by so quickly that I have never managed to get it to enter the bios menu, it goes straight to the system password prompt.

F1/F2/F12 don't get me to the bios menu.

Any advice on how to get to the BIOS menu gratefully received.  Please note that I can not change any Windows settings because my underlying problem is that Windows will not start.

Thanks in advance.


Paper Tape
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Re: F1 and F12 don't function at boot time

On my ThinkPad X1 carbon 6th yes 6th


Press [F12] keyboard button for boot menu option yes press [F12] not keyboard "Enter"


Then Press [Tab] key button on a keyboard to change from [Boot Menu] to [App Menu] as below :




Then choose [Setup]


Under [Setup] we see all the BOIS options

Punch Card
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Re: F1 and F12 don't function at boot time

I recently had the same thing happen with my hard drive on my X220. Somehow the permissions on all the files and folders on Windows 7 got deleted, preventing me from booting into Windows. I fixed the permissions by attaching the hard drive to another computer running a different version of Windows (10).

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