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I did a clean install of 64-bit Win 7 onto my new X100e and now the ability to do a Factory Restore from the hidden partition has gone away.


When I did the clean install (64-bit Win7 Pro replacing 32-bit Win7 Pro), I left the hidden partition alone, and I left the Lenovo Recovery partition alone.  As soon as I had the new version of Win 7 installed, I tested the Factory Restore operation ... Reboot, press Enter to interrupt it, Then press F11 to Restore.  Nothing.  It just proceeded into a normal boot--back into 64-bit Win 7.


Good thing I made the recovery disks and backed up SWTOOLS.  But I sure can't figure out how installing a new OS into the main partition--especially since I left the hidden and Lenovo Recovery partitions untouched--would affect how the BIOS handles the bootup and restore function.  The function was working perfectly before all this (I tested that, too.) I'm drawing a blank ... any ideas?



The factory restore feature acessed via the F11 requires several things to be in place in order to function properly.  The MBR should not be overwritten, and the boot settings stored inside the BCD must remain.


Installations of a new OS can disrupt one or more of these causing the F11 feature not to work.  It is recommended that customers burn recovery disks before making any attempts to install a new OS.


Repair Media can be made from a download on the Lenovo support site, and this


If this does not resolve, then it may be best to restore from the recovery disks previously made.



  1. Just to follow it all the way through, I restored from my Recovery Discs--and that brought the F11 key back to life.
  2. If the Factory Restore option is no longer listed, try this ThinkPad community developed proceedure for bringing Factory Restore back to life (uninstall Rescue and Recovery).


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Would this work if OS was not reinstalled but F11 key just stopped working? I cannot access factory restore image options from any location or program. Why? I have no idea as OS has not been messes with.

Guys press enter at lenovo screen then hold Fn then hit F11.

What if a blue screen comes up that says Recovery? No matter what options i choose or buttons i push, a blue screen that says "Recovery, The boot configuration Data fo your PC is missing or contains error". What can i do?