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Paper Tape
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File system usage in Windows Vista Business

    I got a neX61 last November with Windows Vista Business and 120 Gigs disk space. I installed MS Office 2007 Standard and Visio, over the next 2 months disk usage grew far greated than the volume of data I placed on the system. I ran all the provided checks and everything comes up good - no problems.

However I still could not account for 35 + Gigs. I downloaded a tool from the web that basically told me the tree structure and directory sizes and this showed that I should have 35 Gigs spare, i.e. if I added the directory sizes, there was a huge amount still free. I could not get to the bottom of this.

One day Outlook 2007 crashed and rebuilt itself, when it rebuilt, suddenly the space re-appeared. I subsequently ran all MS Outlook diagnostics with no significant outcome. Over the next 6 weeks the recovered file space again disappeared so now its 50Gigs I have losyt. I decided to uninstall Outlook, but so far this has not recovered my disk space. Before I resort to a hard re-install of Windoze Business Vista any tips out there?

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Community SuperMod
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Re: File system usage in Windows Vista Business

Did you try Vista's Disk Cleanup, including System Restore and Shadow Copy cleanup? That can clean up a lot of disk space, especially if it has never been run.
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Retired SuperMod
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Re: File system usage in Windows Vista Business

karimr, welcome to the forum,
it is also possible that R&R has been making backups which you were not aware of, this is not an uncommon theme in the forum. Here's a link to one of the threads.



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Paper Tape
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Re: File system usage in Windows Vista Business


Right on, you identified the exact problem, jeez, I never even knew this was set to back-up automativcally, the first back-up swallowed 25Gigs, then the next 4 subsequent ones swallowed a further 5 Gigs a time. Unfortunately I had multiple vmware images that did not help matters.

Thanks dude, I owe you a virtual beer.

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