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What's DOS?
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Helix trackpad button question

All of the photos and video of the Helix from CES show no individual physical mouse control buttons, as have traditionally appeared on Lenovo units with the trackpoint.  I cannot stand using a trackpad and generally turn them off because I cannot type without hitting the trackpad with my thumbs as I type, which moves the cursor all over the place.  For me, trying to type without continuously hitting a trackpad is very difficult and causes my wrists and hands to cramp.


Does anyone know if the actual consumer version will come with real buttons?  Assuming that the consumer version is not going to have physical buttons, will it be possible to turn off the trackpad except for the area that contains the "mouse buttons?"  This could be a deal killer for me, and I really want one of these.


Thanks for any information / knowledge / feedback....

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Helix trackpad button question

All information I seen have said that there will be no "real" buttons. But the trackpad it self is a pressable button. So at least there will be a tactile feedback when pressing the "buttons". Lenovo has also been so kind to put some bumps where the middle button should be. So you will easily feel the difference between the "buttons".

What's DOS?
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Re: Helix trackpad button question

Now that the Helix has started to appear, can anyone comment on whether the trackpad can be turned off with the mouse buttons remaining functional?  I'd like to know if it is possible to disable the trackpad and rely only on the trackpoint and the 'buttons" to control the mouse, as can be done on the current thinkpads that have physical mouse buttons.

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Re: Helix trackpad button question

It'd be funny yet extremely sad if disabling the touchpad also disabled the three emulated TrackPoint buttons.

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What's DOS?
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Re: Helix trackpad button question

You can use the track-point button with the touch-pad buttons, however with a former laptop (Dell) I was able to check a box to disable the touch-pad when an external mouse was plugged in.  That was a very nice feature, as I also have a problem touching the touchpad with my thumbs while typing... often accidentally selecting, deleting and overwriting lots of text!

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Re: Helix trackpad button question

Hi CleverName,


Yes you can indeed turn off the touchpad and keep using the trackpad like any other ThinkPad.

Actually the entire touchpad is clickable when using the trackpad you have to press the touchpad not just tap it. the only difference is there is no physical dedicated buttons.


Hope this helps.





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