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Blue Screen Again
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Help needed: X240 not powering on

Hi guys


My X240 suddenly shut down and doesn't power on any more. So I've google what to do... 


What I've tried so far (without success):

  • Pressing the power button for more that 60sec
  • Pressing the reset button on the back for 60sec
  • Removing the battery and tried to power on with an attached power adapter
  • Disconnecting the BIOS battery for multiple hours (over night)
  • Removing and reattaching RAM

What makes me wonder:

When I push the power button the following keys light up for half a second at the same time: FN, F1 & F4

I'm wondering if this is some kind of "debug code". Googled for it and read the manuel. Found no information.


I was using Lubuntu on my X240 for over a year without any issues. It shut down last week so I don't think it's an UEFI related bug as this bug is older and the X240 seems not to be affected. 


Do you have any idea what else I could do? (no, I don't have a warranty any more Man Sad )


Off topic:

(I'm not that lucky with Lenovos. Bought a T61p some years ago which broke due to a bug on the NVidia GPU. Using a T430s right now which runs quite well. Now I've got a broken X240. Thinking to buy a X280... Lenovo marketers tell me that Lenovos are used even at space and for military purposes. I'm not sure if I would even commute to work with a Lenovo any more. Considering my Moms noname notebooks runs without any issues for many years.


Seriously, as I've searched for a solution for my X240 problem I've got the impressions that many Lenovo users are affected by these sudden shut down problems. I'm aware that there are millions of units sold each year worldwide but I've googled for similar problems with DELL laptops and couldn't find that many reports. But that's just my subjective impression... would be happy to buy a X280 without soldered RAM modules. But that's another story)


Thanks in advance for your help


Blue Screen Again
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Re: Help needed: X240 not powering on

After more than 2 months of coma my Lenovo suddenly powers on again. I don't get it...
What's DOS?
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Re: Help needed: X240 not powering on

I've been struggling with an X240 I picked up recently as well.  My guess is that your started powering up again after both internal and external batteries had dropped down to 0% charge.  For some reason the X240 I'm working on will be totally unresponsive, but then if you remove the external battery, open it up and disconnect the internal battery, then plug it in it will boot like there's no problem.  Except in some cases where it's also necessary to unplug the CMOS battery as well.  But it's always possible to get it started after going from a no power starting point.


I have no idea how to handle the issue because once I get it starting and reassembled it will work fine for a session or two, then return to being unresponsive on next power on or wake up.  Has anyone who had this problem successfully determined the root cause and/or fixed it?  Ideally the catch-all "replace the motherboard" isn't what I (and I imagine others) are looking for in a solution, since these days the motherboards cost as much or more than a whole used X240, but you're rolling the dice either way.

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