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How do I remove base cover from X61 lenovo Thinkpad laptop

I received a laptop from my father and the fan needs to be replaced. But I cannot figure out how to remove the cover. There are no screws at all on the base, even under the rubber feet. There appears to be some kind of security lock on the right side but I have no key. Or it is a slot for a lock cable.


I have a picture of the bottom of the laptop if somebody needs it, as well as other pics.

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Re: How do I remove base cover from X61 lenovo Thinkpad laptop

On that model you basically disassemble it from the top down because of its magnesium chassis, so to remove the and replace the CPU fan, you need to take the laptop completely apart to remove the system board, because it is affixed to the bottom of the System Board..


Below is a link to the Hardware Maintenance Manual which details the location of the screws, and steps for disassembling the Thinkpad X61 laptop.


ThinkPad® X60, X60s, X61, and X61s Hardware Maintenance Manual


Note:   It is very important that you keep track of the many tiny screws, which while they may look similar, have different head shapes, and of many different thread types and lengths too.      Taking lots of pictures along the ways is also a good idea, especially of how wires and cables are routed etc., and a n anti-static workmat or wrist band, it is also highly recommended if you find that there is a lot of static electricity where you are working.


The hardware Maintenance manual lists the screw sizes and quantity used to attach each part (e.g. M2 × 6 mm, wafer-head, nylon-coated (4)), and that is how you should label them on removal, because it is very important that you not use a long screw in a short hole, or a wafer head where a flat head is needed etc., because doing so could cause physical damage a short circuit.   


Small snack-sized ziplock bags and a permanent marker are one method i have found works well.



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