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How to change login user password after logging in with fingerprint reader?

Hello. I am a very basic user and on my 2006 (yes, that old) X60s ThinkPad i do not remember my user logon password. For years I have just used the fingerprint reader.  Can anyone tell me how/if I can reset the logon password once I have entered using the fingerprint reader?  Am looking forward to hearing from some kind knowledgeable soul. Thanks. R.

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Re: How to change login user password after logging in with fingerprint reader?

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rgarland, welcome to the forum,


good question, that also creates a problem.  Discussing how to get around security measures, including fingerprints and passwords is actually against the forum rules.


Hopefully this isn't breaking the forum rules;


Assuming your user account has Admin rights it should be possible to log in using your finger print, which I presume according to your post is the case. When you then go into Users in Control Panel hopefully you have the possibility to reset the password for your user account and enter a new password without having to enter the old one.


Now you have the problem that the fingerprint is associated with the original password now different to the one you have just set which means your fingerprint wont work if you log out and want to log in again.  You will need to go to fingerprint software and delete your passport and then recreate it.


In theory this should work, but I've never been in a position to try it as I've never forgotten a password, or finger come to that Smiley Wink


edit; for clarity



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