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Here is an easy overview of how to access Trackpoint and TouchPad / TrackPad settings and adjust sensitivity on X1 Carbon.  This should also apply to other newer ThinkPads.


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I'm posting here b/c I simply could not sort out how to post in the lenovo forum once I became a member (i.e. no idea how to gain "board" status). I have recently purchased a Lenovo W541 with the style trackpad shown in the video above.  It appears Lenovo has embedded right and left click buttons under the bottom portion of the track pad instead of just putting buttons below the pad.  Personally, I'd get rid of the red dot in the keyboard and move the buttons from above the track pad to below the track pad, but that's just me. So, when I try to use these buttons under the track pad with my thumbs (as I am using my index fingder to track the cursor) I have cursor iterference. I was wondering if there is a way to disable the bottom 1/3 or so of the trackpad from cursor use so I may rest my thumbs in this area and use these "buttons" without cursor interference??  I'd be willing to give up this portion of the trackpad to reclaim some thumb buttons but don't see a way to esentially disable cursor tracking for this portion of the trackpad. 

Any suggestions on how to do this or an add-on that I can get to help me do this? Having the bottons above the trackpad really don't help me. Thumb clicking is needed when scrolling or highlighting text and addidmitted just my favorite way to click the right and left buttons??

Thanks for any help you can provide,

Dan C

Denver, CO