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How to stop your X1 Yoga from starting your PowerPoint presentation when you switch to tablet mode

I spent way too much time to find out why my X1 Yoga 3rd gen would switch PowerPoint to slide show mode when I flipped the screen over. I scanned through all settings in PowerPoint, and applied my best GoogleFu. I went as far as searching for the following query:


  • ("prevent powerpoint from switching" OR "stop powerpoint from switching" OR "powerpoint automatically switches" OR "powerpoint automatically starts the presentation" OR "powerpoint automatically starts my slide show") ("slide show" OR "presentation mode") tablet

No luck. It's annoying behavior though: when I'm preparing a presentation I often switch to tablet mode to add a sketch on the slide. Every time I do that on my X1 Yoga, I have to poke the pen at the screen to activate the PPT overlay buttons, try to hit 'exit slide show', acknowledge that no, I don't want to save the stray mark that I just made, and go back to the slide that I wanted to annotate. It's a pain. 


It finally hit me today: if the machine does something weird and there's no evidence in the UI why, it's probably a Lenovo thing! (sigh) Lo and behold, if you open Lenovo Vantage, go to Hardware Settings, and then to Smart Settings, there it is.. "switch to the full screen mode on supported apps when your computer changes the operating mode".


To Lenovo: this is great, but it's also VERY BAD to change the way how Windows works without telling the user that it's Lenovo doing it. Please add a UI overlay saying "hey, we started your presentation for you" similar to the volume overlay. A good alternate way of doing this would be to put it in a Windows notification. That way we don't have to scour the internet to figure out what's happening. Same thing for the color settings menu on the Desktop. Add the word "Lenovo settings" to the top of that menu so we know these are not native settings - that one also took way too long to figure out.


 In service to the greater internet, I hope that the keywords in this post will help people find the solution more quickly. Cheers.


Edit: Some more keywords: hybrid, convertible, tablet mode, presentation mode, media mode, stand mode 

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