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What's DOS?
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Intel LAN 82577LC disappears / not detectable anymore

Hi guys,

I'm using an X201i with a built-in Intel 82577LC LAN adapter. Recently I've been seeing PXE-E05 boot message ("NVM configuration corrupted"), which (as far as I have researched) means that card's PXE EEPROM data or checksum were corrupted. Normally, the solution for this is to reset card's EEPROM using Intel's utilities (e.g.: bootutil -defcfg -all), however all of these tools fail to perform the flash, and some forums suggest that these builtin adapters are vendor-locked (hi Lenovo!). I've also tried to downgrade, upgrade back and simply reflash my BIOS to no avail.

Today, both the card and error message disappeared completely. There's no MAC address displayed in BIOS setup either (MAC: "not applicable"). Enabling/disabling PXE boot ROM in BIOS does nothing (previously, disabling it would remove the error message, but the card would still be unusable in OS). Intel's utilities don't see the adapter now, too.

Any ideas?
Paper Tape
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Re: Intel LAN 82577LC disappears / not detectable anymore

Hi Eugeny - if you are still around and subscribed to this forum please let me know how you resolved this issue.


I have an X201i with what appears to be exactly the same problem the Intel network adapter appears to have slowly died over the past month and now is simply not there. Does anybody out there know what to do about this? Is the network adapter a separate card inside the laptop (I haven't opened it up yet) or is it integrated into the motherboard?


Thanks for any help.



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