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Token Ring
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Intel Turbo Boost /// Lenovo Turbo Boost+

I have an X220.  I see on power settings that Intel Turbo Boost is enabled but the "Lenovo Turbo Boost+" consistently shows disabled unless I go in an manually enabled.  Before you ask . . . I have researched this online and did check BIOS and other settings and think I have everything enabled that should be for the turbo boost function.


Does the turbo boost (which I associate with the fan coming on) come on only when needed?  Or should there be a setting I enable so that it is on all the time (or at least more often).  Admittedly I don't tax my machine too hard at the moment.


X220.  4GB Ram, W7 Professional, 64 Bit.


I am looking now - Intel Turbo Boost Enabled.   Lenovo Turbo Boost+ Disabled.


I word searched the X220 user guide as well and saw no information on the difference in the two or really anything else.  Check the communities as well for this.


Thanks for responses in advance.

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Re: Intel Turbo Boost /// Lenovo Turbo Boost+



please take a screen shot of your settings intel turbo boost settings and upload it to imageshack.


I see only Lenovo Turbo Boost in powermanager settings.

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Re: Intel Turbo Boost /// Lenovo Turbo Boost+

To clarify, you are asking if there is a way to toggle "Lenovo Turbo Boost +" on and off through the general Windows power profiles, as opposed to just clicking the button on and off, right?


I haven't found a way yet, and I haven't read or seen anything suggesting otherwise yet. Keeping it on all the time shaves off some battery life, but the laptop will run cooler, even at the lowest CPU speed setting.


As a result, I only use "Turbo Boost +" when I'm plugged into the wall with the CPU speed cranked all the way up. That's the only time when the laptop gets very hot anyway.



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Two different function

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Token Ring
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Re: Intel Turbo Boost /// Lenovo Turbo Boost+

I don't know what imageshack is.


What I can do is give you a link from a website that - in the second photo down - clearly shows at maximum performance setting - BOTH Intel Turbo Boost AND Lenovo Turbo Boost+


I just can't find anything about Lenovo Turbo Boost+ except on one website it said that it runs the fan faster to keep the CPU even cooler to enhance Intel Turbo Boost processing.  Sort of circular.   Just not sure if it is as easy as that.


Besides, is it designed to start on its own?  Everytime I get it to start I have to do so manually by "enabling" it through Power Manager settings.   Intel Turbo Boost is enabled for me so at least I guess that is working as it should.


Here is the link:




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