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Blue Screen Again
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Is 50 degrees too hot when it's permanent ?

Hello everyone. I often use my x220 for writing code or connecting to servers via ssh. I don't need much CPU power for this. So I fixed it to 800Mhz.


If I'm reading text and the fan is switched off, the CPU-temp never goes higher than 50 degrees. So I've set the fancontrol  that it only starts cooling at 50 or higher. Usually it's around 46-49 degrees so the Fan is off most of the time. This saves a lot of battry power and is ultra silent.


What do you think, is it already too hot or can i continue running this setup without danger for my hardware ?


PS: The Laptop feels warmer than if i enable the fan all the time, but it's not extremely hot.


I have a i7 2.8Ghz.

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Betreff: Is 50 degrees too hot when it's permanent ?

50°C is not too hot. The X61s for example work permanently at that temperature. The CPU can work with much higher temperatures.


For working with TPFanControl see the german thinkwiki


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Re: Is 50 degrees too hot when it's permanent ?

Hi jasonts


Normally, the maximum temperature for mobile based Intel Core i3/5/7 processors is 100 degree celcius, before the whole machine turns off instantly. As long as your machine does not consistently hit above the 86C range in full load, it will be fine. Smiley Happy


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