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Fanfold Paper
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Is Intel Turbo Memory a good option to add?

I am planning to purchase an X61 very shortly.  When I go through the forum, I kept reading complaints from different people that their new X61 (with Vista Business) are not stable.  And most of the time, the recommendation is to install a new Intel Turbo Memory driver.  This leads me to think that the Intel Turbo Memory may not be very stable with Vista Business.  I understand that this option can boost the performance but there is no point of having it if the hanging/blue screen can happen as frequent as once per day.

My question is that does the Intel Turbo Memory driver problem happens very frequently and whether the performance boost worths the risk of getting an unstable workstation?


Punch Card
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Re: Is Intel Turbo Memory a good option to add?

the intel turbo option is a good option to have if you got the money for it. you could acheive the same performance with an alternative by using vista's new "Readyboost" option, this feature allows you to use your extra flash drive to improve/add more virtual ram at your disposal. if you go with the turbo memory option, download the latest driver to make the computer up to date. i haven't experienced any more problem after installing all the necessary updates as well as driver.
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Re: Is Intel Turbo Memory a good option to add?

don't bother. Some early tests even show that it may actually slow dow some tasks....
Invest in RAM....
Punch Card
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Re: Is Intel Turbo Memory a good option to add?

The boot speed would be much faster, but it only works for Vista.
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