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Issue - X280 in CS18 side dock connected to ThinkVision T24v-10...



I am not really sure if this is an X280, a CS18 (Pro) or a ThinkVision T24v-10 issue, maybe all of them - I post in this cateory anyway.


When docked to the side dock which is connected to a ThinkVision T24v-10 (Display Port and USB 3 - yes, definitely a USB 3 port), the T24v's camera and microphone are extremly stuttering being effectively unusable for skype or any other form of VoIP. When the USB cable from the monitor gets connected directly to the still docked X280 (i7-8650, 16GB, 1920x1080@60Hz) using the right hand side USB port of the computer, it works without problems. But this obviously is not the idea of how to use a dock...


Is this a well-known issue? Google didn't seem to know about this. Any dock-firmware or upcoming driver updates addressing this issue? Can't imagine that ThinkVision's "optimized for VoIP" camera shouldn't work properly while being connected to a dock. What did I miss?






P.S.  Using stock Windows 10 installation plus additionally installed T24v-10 drivers.

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