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Fanfold Paper
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Jumpy video

I have a X220 with i7 and 8 GB RAM and 320 GB SATA disk, running Windows 7.All windows software is up to date and all drivers are updated with Lenovos latest version. My disk is not fragmented. Windows WEI values are normal.


And now to my problem:

Whenever I play a video (avi, wmp, mpg4 makes no difference) with either Windows Mediaplayer och VLC the video freezes every now and then for a second or two, and then continue to play. It can happen every 5 minutes, and sometimes it happens as frequent as every 10 seconds.It happens both when running the pc on the mains and on battery, and in both cases I have the Maximum Performance power profile.


Anyone that can give some advice what to do?

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Re: Jumpy video

Does it tend to freeze if you bump the laptop?

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Jumpy video

As having English as a language learned in school only I am no sure what you mean by "bump" in this case. If you mean a physical bump to the PC while using it, the answer is that the short breaks comes when the PC is rock steady.


However if I do physically bump the PC it behaves in a similar way with short breaks/freezes of video playback, which I guess is because of some protection mechanism for the disk. Could it be this protection mechanism that by some reason kicks in when it should not?

What's DOS?
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Re: Jumpy video


Hi, I have this same exact problem.


Video (anything from youtube to downloaded shows, movies) will freeze for 5-7 seconds at a time. The sound continues to play while the video is 'frozen', and the video resumes after that.


It will happen on its own, with no bumping, but it is more prone to happen if I do something like increase the volume within the media player.


Any suggestions are appreciated!

Paper Tape
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Re: Jumpy video

Hi there, 


I have exactly that problem with a new x220 - every I move the computer, even just a fraction when it's playing video (avi) it hangs and then catches up with itself. 


Any thoughts?

Serial Port
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Re: Jumpy video

i have an issue when playing back video in WMP or even Amazon Unbox when in a car or on a plane.  I feel like it has something to do with a bump or jar to the system hard drive.  In all cases others with Ipads next to me do not have any issues like this.  I know this is an i7 fairly high power system, with power profile set to Max Performance or Video playback.


is there a way to deactivate whatever hard drive protection freeze or whatever mechanism is causing this?




Paper Tape
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Re: Jumpy video

yes its most likely the airbag protection. Go to control panel -> Lenovo Airbag Protection and select configuration tab...then change the sensitivity....

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