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Keyboard problems

(and some other concerns, but 1st the keyboard stuff)


While I love the lenovo keyboard, or at least its touch and feel, I'm having some problems.  The "1" key doesn't seem to respond well.  Most of the time when I press it, it works just fine, but sometimes it fails to register my input and does not type the characer "1".  This is when I'm using a medium/light touch.  A heavy typing style will guarantee the "1" key registers every time.  As far as I can tell, "1" is the only key that presents this problem.  I've tried taking off the key cover and spraying the mechanism beneath with compressed air to no avail.  Is their any way I might be able to fix it? or should I call customer service and request an exchange/refund? I know it seems minor, but I've already had a few problems with it and haven't had it on for more than an hour or so, and I'm planning on keeping this laptop for years (picture attached for clarification)


Also some other questions/concerns.  I have the 160gb ssd, but in windows, it only displays as 138gb available, and 114gb after the windows install.  I know formatting a drive reduces available space, but that seems like a pretty large drop on what was originally a fairly small drive.


A few nitpicks: the left and right border of the screen is sorta loose and makes a clicking noise when pushed even slightly (however the top and bottom of the screen border is rock solid). also, my battery, which is the 9 cell, shifts whenever the laptop is picked up.  I can feel that its not snugly fitting into the battery slot.



Thanks in advance for any help!

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Re: Keyboard problems

there should be several partitions.

The keyboard probably has a bad contact on the 1 key, in which case you should just call up lenovo warranty and ask for a new replacement keyboard to be sent to you for replacement. If you can't do it yourself then just send the machine into the depot (depending on your warranty coverage).

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