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Paper Tape
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LENOVO refuse to replace my X220 with wrong configuration

Short story:

I orderd a X220 with IPS display, lenovo shipped me a X220 with wrong screen instead of IPS, pretty bad display quality, and they refuse to replace it for me cause it passed 21 days, and they ask me for 15% restock fee even the only reason i have to return is they shipped me the wrong product!


Longer story:

I have ordered a new X220 with the Primiue HD display, cause I like the IPS screen a lot.

I was on vocation when the laptop is deliveried, when I come back home i opened and checked the laptop, it is OK but the screen is not that good as I thought, but i am not so sure that is the problem, and I try many ways like changing the driver. I do not even think of Lenovo would give me a wrong screen untill I saw another X220 with real IPS, it is totally different. Then i check the information of the screen pannel, which shows TN pannel B125XW01 V0. Then i know that Lenovo has shipped me with this bad TN pannel instead of IPS! I do not know if they always do this, as if somebody do not know screen a lot, they may just ignore this and use it. Whatever, I contact the customer service, and I was shocked, they totally ignore that this is their fault, and tell me they do not have policy of replacing the screen for me, if i want to return, i have to do it within 21 days of purchase and pay extra 15% fee!!! for their mistake!!! I am totally shocked of the way how they do bussness, which means the has no responsiblity to the customer that the product i paid to have is the same i saw on the website? so I want to buy a laptop they can just ship me whatever they want and charge me 15% if i want to reture that the product that is not really i ordered??

Please be careful of what you got from lenovo, and please help me if you know how should I ask lenovo to take care of this X220 with a wrong screen display rather than i want. Thank you!

Blue Screen Again
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Re: LENOVO refuse to replace my X220 with wrong configuration

How did you check the info to see that you have the TN display?
What's DOS?
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Re: LENOVO refuse to replace my X220 with wrong configuration

The 21-day full-refund return policy is clearly stated in Lenovo's Shopping Help > Returns and Refunds.
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Re: LENOVO refuse to replace my X220 with wrong configuration



Sorry that the system doesn't seem to be what you ordered.   Can you please send me a private message with your order number and your contact information?   We can see what was ordered vs what was built and shipped and in the case of Lenovo error, I would think we can get this worked out.


Best regards,



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