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What's DOS?
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Lan not detecting networks

A week ago, my wireless card stopped working for no reason. The device manager stays that it is functioning properly however I cannot find the wireless access points. I have gone through all the troubleshooting processes but none of them seem to have an effect. I have tried it at a friend's house and in mine. In my house we have a linksys g router and all the other computers work just fine. In my friend's house, they have a belkin g router. When I type in ipconfig on my command prompt I get this as a response;

                   ethernet adapter local area connection 2:

                   Media State . . . . . :media disconnected

                   connection specific dns suffix . :

                   multiple times for allt eh connections

The laptop is an X60., and it has been dropped multiple times in the past however it works just fine and the damage is only cosmetic as far as I can tell. I was using the computer the night before and put it on AC power to charge before going to sleep. I am thinking about sending it in for the warranty but am not sure if if can still be covered. 

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