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Lenovo 110s to X1C (7th)! Questions from a newb...



I am a young professional and an aspiring software dev/ gaming enthusiast. All my life I have used cheap, cheap laptops and computers on account of coming from a low income family. A couple years ago I put aside some money for a premium laptop. At the time I was intending to buy the newest MacBook Pro, but that was when they hit us with the 'touch bar', so I scoffed and saved my money...


After a lot of research I decided to go for a X1C 7th gen. An upgrade to my current Lenovo 110s which is shamefully my daily driver! The questions I have are:


1. I believe the 7th gen is due to be released this month. However, from some forums I hear that you should hold off on buying it immediately as they tend not to have the best configuration options at the start, is that correct? What could I expect if I waited longer? I also hear there can be manufacturing problems initially?


2. When researching which screen to buy, I was unclear which screen would not provide the screen scaling problem when used in conjunction with an external monitor, can anyone please help clarify this to me. I liked the sound of the privacy screen guard version as I would be using this on the train! I do not require a touch screen but do require an accurate screen color display image editing work. What would you suggest?


3. I would also like to do some gaming on the machine when at home. The built in graphics card isnt that great. Do you think the Extreme version would be worth waiting for (I am sick of waiting to be frank!).


4. Or I instead was thinking of getting an eGPU, are lenovo due to release an updated version one any time soon? Would this allow me to play games like XCOM/ MGS5 ect.


I don't want to deprive myself of a great machine anymore, but at the same time I can only afford to do this once, so any advice would be great.

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