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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Active Protection System

Did a Fresh install of Windows 10 Professional x64 on a X1 Carbon generation 6 (machine type 20KH).  Laptop came preinstalled with Windows 10 Professional.


After the install the Device Manager shows no missing drivers.


But the system is missing the "Lenovo Active Protection System Driver" which was installed on the new laptop.


The driver version on the factory install was release date 3/22/2018 and starts the ApsInsSvc.exe service.


I have not been able to find the driver on X1 Carbon gen 6 Driver Download Page.


Does anybody now where I can get this driver on the Lenovo website?


I did find this driver for the X1 Carbon gen 5 here:


I may have found the current driver at "Driver Identifer" but I should be able to get it from Lenovo:



Lenovo Support was unable to provide a copy of this driver and was not very helpful.



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Re: Lenovo Active Protection System

Welcome to the forum.


Here's a link to the Lenovo Active Protection System for Windows 10. This indicates support for X1 Carbon at least to 5th Gen. I don't know why X1C6 isn't included in the list of supported systems. Perhaps it's because this update was issued before 6th Gen came out and Lenovo neglected to update the list.


In any case, since APS is intended for use with HDD systems, I'm curious why you'd want to install it in the first place. As far as I know all X1C6 models come with SSDs rather than HDDs.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Active Protection System

This is from another Lenovo Forum Post on what the Active Protection System Driver does:


Active Protection System is offered for ThinkPads with only SSD because it is also used by the Intelligent Cooling feature:


Forum post:


The driver you point to is also an older version dated 11/20/2017

The driver on the factory install is version dated 3/22/2018 and is not available from the Lenovo Website.




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