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Lenovo Extreme X1 Battery draining while connected to power.

The computer battery is going down while it is connected to power supply. I have been noticing this for the last 3 weeks. It usually drops 4% to 6% a week.

Now the computer is configured to not charge until reach a certain level to save battery life, for that reason I can notice the battery going down and staying this way.


By the way, other problem that may be related is that it was not charging even before I set the configuration for the battery threshold, meaning that before was configured to charge always. I installed Lenovo Vantage, changed the configuration and was still not able to see it charging until I turned off the compute, let it off for a certain time and then connected to power supply.

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Re: Lenovo Extreme X1 Battery draining while connected to power.

I have been experiencing the same problem and started a thread long ago. Unfortunately the battery is not customer replaceable so we would have to send the laptop in for a replacement.


I have waited rather than risk damage from the repair service hoping the cause of the discharge might be due to somethng other than a defective battery.


The battery tests good by Vantage standards but the discharge continues when plugged in 24/7. The discharge rate is about 1% every 2 days.

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