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Lenovo OneLink Pro Dock: USB Power not switched off when Thinkpad is off

2016-07-12, 21:01 PM

Dear all


I am using a switched power connector strip for my PC environment devices (monitor, powered speakers, and the like) which is switched by a usb cable plugged into the PC. If the PC is off, there is no power on the usb port, so the connectors are all off which saves some electricity.


Up to now I used a Lenovo basic usb 3.0 dock, where this worked flawlessly. Once the pc was switched off the USB power on the dock (at least at some usb sockets) went out. So I could switch the connector strip.


I recently bought a OneLink Pro dock (in the meantime, and after a series of annoying problems, everything is up-to-date: Windows 10 drivers, dock firmware, Thinkpad BIOS). But there is one problem left.


I first connected the dock to the Thinkpad, with the monitor attached and tried which usb ports would switch off power when the Thinkpad was off. When the PC was shut off only the one usb socket at the front (the one which is not labelled "always on") went off.  All others stayed on.


Now it seems that out of a sudden /all/ ports stay on if the Thinkpad is off (completely off, not standby), also the one which was switched in the beginning.


Only if the thinkpad is switched on, the usb power goes off for half a second or so and then is switched on again. 


This is not what I want; I do not need all usb ports to be "always on", but only the one designed to be at the front of the dock.


Is there a way to get the dock's usb ports to switch power off when the Thinkpad is off, like they should behave in normal cases? This looks like a software inconsistency in the dock firmware to me - so not much hope.


Regards and thank you


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