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Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th Gen - Dual Boot with Red Hat Linux 7 and Windows 10

2019-05-22, 0:15 AM

The Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 6 is an excellent solution for Dual Boot with Red Hat 7 and Windows 10


If you're requirement is dual boot with Red Hat Linux 7 (which is certified as compatible on the X1 Carbon Gen6) and Windows 10, this computer will be perfect for you.


To configure, use the Windows 10 Computer Management / Disk Manager and shrink the C: partiton so it has free space for the new Red Hat 7 / CentOS 7 operating system which you will load.  Once space is freed up, then adjust your BIOS / UEFI by disabling secure boot, configuring boot for UEFI boot followed by Legacy Boot, and enable Compatiblilty Mode.  This will allow the Lenovo X1 Carbon to boot the Linux installation .iso.  Next boot using the standard Rhel / CentOS distribution and once at the partion management panel, select your install (typically Desktop or Development), navigate into the disk space selection area, select OK to confirm you'll use the free / unused space on your disk (which you made available earlier), and start the installation process.  It will proceed normally.


The result will be a well running dual boot machine.  The boot manager will be Linux (e.g. Grub) and will automatically display when powering on the laptop.  By default it will boot to Rhel 7 / CentOS 7 (if you do not touch a key), if you'd like to boot to Windows 10, simply cursor down and select Windows 10.  It is not necessary to use the BIOS / UEFI manager to select your desired operating system.


The result is an easy to use dual boot high performance machine.  You'll love your Lenovo laptop (I've used IBM ThinkPad laptops prior to Lenovo acquiring the product line and must say Lenovo has continued, maintained, and improved what our friends at IBM started years ago, I started with a IBM ThinkPad C701 over 20 years ago and would not consider anything else (I strongly considered an Apple MacBook Pro with Oracle VirtualBox under MacOS and believe this is a much better solution).


All the best,


Mark Nickson

DAC Systems / Telliris

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