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Fanfold Paper
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Lenovo X1 Carbon - defective hardware - very poor Warranty service


I wish to share what could had easily been a wonderfull experience (very good hardware engineering) but is becoming a painfull one due to very poor service and customer relation.


We recently acquired (January 22nd) a Lenovo X1 Carbon  2nd Generation. The computer was delivered in The Netherlands on the January 28th. I opened myself the box on the January 29th.


I should mention that 1-2 days after Lenovo released the 3rd Generation in The Netherlands. It was also curious to detect that when I bought the computer there were pictures of all the three generations and on the site there is nothing saying which generation we were acquiring. In the specifications of the site it was also mentioned that the computer came with a 4 on 1 Card reader which is not provided in the delivered hardwere (yep - this was mentioned in the website when we purchase it and in the final specifications we selected) - in Europe this is said to be an illegal practice.


I was not so concerned about that since I understood at the start the messy work with the images however I was not expecting it with the specifications - it became a surprise box (on the bad sense).


On the January 30th evening I had detected a visible cable in the back of the screen, already with stress damage and wiring visible (see images below - note: i was not able to upload the images since the forum engine is always refusing their upload....).


I am in Belgium today and I had contacted the Belgium Lenovo Technical Support to organise what I was expecting to be a Onsite Next Business Day repair - in agreement what was stated in the Warranty documentation.


Forget it...... it became an odissey:

- first I was warned that i don't have accidental damage warranty

- then I was asked to send an email with pictures

- then I was told to call a number that was of a Lenovo spare parts supplier and that told me that Lenovo was always doing that and it was given me the number I had previously dialed.

- I asked about the warranty clauses and on a first instance I was told that this damage was covered (I have this recorded in my phone) but then another person said it was not covered and that  I was required to send back the computer to Digital River which they never mention by name (they just call it the reseller) 

- my original contact point (who had left the message on the phone) called me and told me that I have both options either to return it to Digital River or to have an onsite repair as mentioned in the warranty .


First of all as a client we acquired this computer with this warranty exactly to avoid this type of problems however it seems that this only exists for display and Lenovo does not enforces it or at least the customer service is making a very bad application of it.


I am waiting now for "approval by the Supervisor" of the option I selected from the ones presented to me. I already find this ridiculous because the all procedure is really unprofessional and demonstrates a poor lack of respect of the client and the commitments related with Next Day Onsite Repair. 


By the way - I selected the onsite repair since as a typical Business Thinkpad client I do not have time for this games and supposedely i am paying Lenovo not to have them.


I also immediatly understood that is very likely that the computer was badly assembled while installing the hardware options I selected (bigger SSD) however this is exactly why I asked this at delivery (to avoid future problems common in these situation) - apparently it was a bad idea!


Ridiculous to say the least - someone should pay for the time I spent on the phone trying to sort this out (if it is sorted).


I am now waiting to be contacted for the Next Day Onsite Repair (which will not be next day).


I am still curious on how this will end up however I can already say that the quality control is very poor to say the least and the post sale service plays the finger wising game instead of solving the client problem as it is advertised and guaranteed.


I really hope this is corrected tomorrow since I really love the computer - seems to be an amazing piece of hardware that unfornately is not served well by the quality control and post sale services (and I am company manager and systems engineer so I know what i am talking about).


Pedro Branco


Fanfold Paper
Posts: 6
Registered: ‎02-02-2015
Location: The Netherlands
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Re: Lenovo X1 Carbon - defective hardware - very poor Warranty service

Link to image 1


Link to image 2


Link to image 3


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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo X1 Carbon - defective hardware - very poor Warranty service

What a nightmare!


The technician came over and opened the computer and was not able to put the cable in the correct place. Forced with his tools the cable against the case and damaged the laptop exterior case either in the back and either at monitor level and base level.


Amazing: now not only the cable is still there but I got scratches from tools all over.


I reported it to Lenovo and apparently the technician reported that he replaced the cable and the problem disappeared. 


I hope someone fires the guy!


Lenovo told me that they are going to prepare another action plan so now I am curious of what the next guy will do.....


I will avoid to make further comments for now.... let's wait for the scenes in the upcoming chapters.

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