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Paper Tape
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Lenovo X1 carbon down

Yesterday I turned off my pc on a full battery, today it does not answer even if I charge it!
I am a photographer and I have ALL the pictures of a client's wedding in the pc.
How to recover my documents?
If I send it for repair will they delete my documents?
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Re: Lenovo X1 carbon down

You may be better served in the French Lenovo community forum. I do not understand French, beyond a basic grasp of romance languages.


Did you try resetting the laptop (using the reset hole on the underside of the laptop)? Occaisionally, my "Thunderbolt 3" PMIC bugs out and causes the laptop to constantly drain the battery, even when "charging." The only recourse I have at that point is to utilize the reset hole (present on newer X1 Carbon laptops).


The solid state drive on X1 Carbon laptops (newer models) is removable, and depending on the exact model of the SSD, a SATA M.2 to USB bridge or a NVMe M.2 to USB bridge may be utilized to recover the data from the SSD (using a different host computer). However, Windows 10 is somewhat unfriendly to drives that have been accessed this way, and it may require a complete OS reinstall (after you recover the data).


I do not know the answer to your final question. The answer is likely very region-dependent ("region specific?").

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